4 Objectives for the Planet

Jungle Move in collaboration with the independent nonprofit organization Moving the Planet, with which they share their livelihood on three pillars: solidarity, sport and sustainability, They have proposed a number of projects to help improve the Planet. The four projects currently scheduled are as follows:




INDIA 2020







Thailand 2019

Moving the Planet and move Jungle have joined in the project #objetivotailandia, the purpose is to help in the rehabilitation of elephants who have been in captivity, and who have suffered some kind of abuse. So after researching and know that there are a lot of false shrines in Thailand, focus our search sanctuaries and organizations that really have an ethical activity with elephants, fighting for integrating them in their natural habitat without having to make any kind of show or work for tourists. We believe that Kindred Spirit Sanctuary is a clear example of ethics and respect both the animal and the environment, as its shares have goals with local families in the area also and the environment. They are an organization that receives rave reviews from people who have had the pleasure to visit and work in their volunteer programs, and we believe deserve help from all of us to continue to expand its sanctuary and spread that respect animal ethical message to the world.




Our main goal for this year is to help elephants in Thailand to achieve a better quality of life and live with dignity and health.

With your help, you contribute to show the world through a documentary, how the sanctuary Kindred Spirits Sanctuary can provide everything they need and protect them from abuse or tourist slavery.

Do not you stay looking and sure you get this great initiative, each helps account!



India 2020

The Bengal tiger is one of the most endangered animals in the world. Only in recent 25 years its population halved. The danger to these cats was announced at the conference that gave the World Nature Fund (WWF / Adena) in Stockholm. Currently there are only about 3500 Tigers released. In the 80 there were 7000, and early twentieth silgo were about 40 one thousand. From Jungle Move, and with the collaboration of Moving Planet, we want to do our bit to prevent the disappearance of this species, and therefore we will go to India to work directly with associations that ensure the conservation of the Bengal Tiger.



Australia 2021

Australia could lose forever one of its most beloved icons and exotic animals: the koala. The situation of koalas in Australia is a permanent threat and year after year the situation worsens, This has led to the NGO Australian Koala Foundation to ensure that they are “functionally extinct”. According to estimates by the NGO, and only would 80.000 copies of koala in Australia. The gravity of these figures makes it urgently demanded a law to protect them from total extinction. It is therefore, that from Jungle Move and Moving the Planet we have echoed this situation, and we decided to help this animal does not permanently disappear from our planet.




Brazil 2022

The Amazon, the largest tropical region of the planet, lost every year huge tracts of jungle, emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases in a context of violence and violations of human rights. If we are to avoid a worsening climate change, the loss of its rich biodiversity and ensure the survival of indigenous peoples, It is essential to halt deforestation and degradation in the Amazon. Brazil is the country that hosts most of the Amazon rainforest, but deforestation and forest degradation is a chronic problem. The Jungle Move and Moving Planet reforestation plan to collaborate on the largest lungs of the planet.



Are you a person committed to the world around you? Now is the time to start changing things, improve your environment, your family, friends and coworkers. A nice, that of all living beings.